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Welcome to Archway Classical Academy At Chandler Prep

Archway Classical is a state-chartered public K-5 school offering a classical liberal arts education that will prepare students to enter a Great Hearts Academy in middle school. Archway Classical is the first truly classical Core Knowledge primary school in Arizona.

Each student will be provided with a durable foundation in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geometry, Science, and Social Studies, in addition to meaningful and substantive work and play in Spanish, Fine Arts, P.E., and competitive chess.

The Chandler campus of Archway Classical is located on the same property as Chandler Preparatory Academy at 1951 N. Alma School Rd. However, the Archway campus is distinct from the Chandler Prep campus, with a separate entrance, administration, and student area.

The mission of Archway Classical is to develop the academic potential and virtuous character in each student through the use of a content-rich, rigorous curriculum, with a special emphasis on the cultural heritage of the Western Civilization. Archway Classical equally believes that learning should be fun and joyful. The school is infused with the arts, singing, movement, and organized play.

The school will provide an environment that promotes excellence in academics, character, and behavior. Students develop a strong sense of pride and dignity when they work with their teachers to overcome academic challenges. Through perseverance in a rigorous program, students set a high expectation of success.

Furthermore we believe that students learn how to read and write well by being exposed to the very best literature of the Western tradition. In contrast to “pop culture,” students are exposed to classical literature, art and music. Age appropriate selections are made from a time tested canon. Both the works we study and the student culture we foster are best characterized by the Latin motto of the school, “Verum, Pulchrum, Bonum”- Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

We invite you to learn more about our school and enter the Great Conversation of the West through the Archway.

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Laura Pyper,  Headmaster


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