Financial Committee

Treasurer: Carlos Bernabe

Committee Responsibilities: 
Assist with counting money, pricing possible purchases, and assisting at fundraisers to collect money.

If you spend your own money on an APPROVED PO purchase and you need to be re-imbursed, please submit the following form to your PSO Chair. Note this year’s form is fillable if you download it.    Reimbursement Check Request Form

  • Description: Put a detailed description of the expense
  • G/L Category: Put in the Committee and/or Event that the expense was incurred for
  • Approved By: Leave blank – your PSO Chair will initial to make sure this was part of the approved budget
  • Line Total: Enter amount of expense for the line
  • Total: Enter total amount of all lines added together
  • Attach a copy of all receipts and keep a copy of the form & receipts for yourself in case the submission gets lost.
  • Expenses need to be submitted within 45 days of the event to ensure re-imbursement to your PSO Chair.
  • PSO Chairs: Please make sure to initial approved lines and turn into front desk.

If any Cash &/or Checks need to be deposited to the PO account, please fill out the following form and submit to the front desk for the PSO Treasurer: ACC PO Deposit Remittance Form

If you use the DEBIT card associated with the PO checking account, please fill out the following form and turn in with receipts to the front desk for the PSO Treasurer: ACC PO Debit Card Expenditure Form

Financial Reports: