Teacher Appreciation

Committee Leader: Mindy Bargeloh

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Committee Description:

As a member of the Teacher Appreciation Committee, you will work behind the scenes to ensure our events are successful. Your role will include encouraging teachers to update their information sheets at the beginning of each year, helping with Teacher Appreciation lunches/breakfasts (at least 4 per year with option of more), helping with the Teacher Gift Events in Fall and Spring, and helping with Teacher Appreciation week in May.  Participation in all events is not required, however, we ask that you commit to at least 1 during the course of the school year.

The committee will meet periodically (depending on events in process, but not more than once a month) to plan and organize events. Suggestions for new events and ways in which we can improve existing events are encouraged, and may be presented for discussion at committee meetings.

Teacher Appreciation Events:

  • Once a month: Teacher Birthday Celebrations
  • October: Parent-Teacher Conference Teacher Meals
  • Nov/Dec: Blizzard
  • January: Parent-Teacher Conference Teacher Meals
  • May: Teacher Appreciation Week – We like to send our teachers and staff off for summer break with lots of great memories and a big BANG, and our Teacher Appreciation Week in May is the perfect way to do it! We’ll have potlucks, gift cards, and opportunities for students to create homemade gifts from the heart. It’s the perfect way to say “thanks” for a great school year!)