Snack Policy

School Snack / Birthday Treat Policy

Dear Parents,
Archway Chandler has transitioned to healthier birthday celebrations. During classroom celebrations we are not able to serve cake, cupcakes, or donuts.

At Archway we believe in providing all students will the opportunity, support, and encouragement to be healthy and physically active on a regular basis through physical education instruction and nutritional instruction. We encourage our families to also promote healthy choices for our students. In order to support our nutrition initiative at Archway, to teach our students good health habits and to keep our students strong and healthy the following guidelines are in place for all grade levels during the school year:

If you wish to send in a birthday treat for your child you are asked to contact your child’s teacher to schedule the celebration beforehand in order to comply with the above guidelines and to minimize disruption to instructional activities. “Health-friendlier” options that you may consider instead of high fat, high sugar treats include: fruit snacks, yogurt covered treats, non-food goodies, or gifting you child’s classroom with a book in honor of your child instead of a food treat. Recommended healthy snacks also include: fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, dried fruits, smoothies, baked crackers, high fiber snacks and low fat dairy products. Parents are encouraged to allow children to be part of the selection of the birthday snacks from a range of healthy parent-led choices. In the past we have found that children are very proud of themselves and their families when they bring in healthy treats for their classmates.

Thank you for your help and support.