Uniform Links

Uniform Links

The links below are available as purchase options that meet the uniform standard. They are provided to assist in locating appropriate uniform-wear and is in no way a comprehensive list – you are, of course, welcome to shop at your preferred vendor. Please note the links on this page are not monitored 100% of the time and store inventory may shift causing items to be unavailable.



Please review the following uniform policy change:

We believe that the dress code policy can help to teach social and moral learning. We want to teach our children that words have meaning and truth. If “solid” black is interpreted as a little white, or a little neon, or a little grey it is not precise, nor is it truth. Sometimes in life we will be required to follow the letter of the law. That is what we are trying to teach the students through a more stringent dress code. It has to do with doing everything with excellence.

As the years have gone by, the school has become lax in fully enforcing the uniform. By allowing uniform infractions, we have been sending a subtle message to our scholars that guidelines are merely suggestions and that details don’t matter, which is not being true to developing habits of truth, beauty or goodness. Because we want to be true to the standards we have set in the family handbook, we are going to be more diligent in enforcing the uniform rules this year. Please take a moment to review the uniform guidelines as it relates to hair and clothing before purchasing any items or getting a haircut for the new school year. Please note that the shoe policy has changed from what is currently in the 2016-2017 family handbook. The policy now requires solid black or solid white shoes. No mixing of black and white, and no other color anywhere on the shoe will be accepted.

The listing below provides examples of acceptable shoes and include links to purchase for your convenience.

Charter Uniforms:

Charter Shoes


New Balance KX624 Uniform Sneaker (Little Kid / Big Kid) = $19.89 – $52.50

New Balance KX624 Uniform Sneaker

New Balance Kids 680 Running Shoe – Velcro (Little Kid 4-8 Years) – $16.11 – $49.95

New Balance Kids 680 Running Shoe

New Balance Kids 680 Running Shoe – Laced (Little Kid / Big Kid) – $13.20 – $51.97

New Balance Kids 680 Running Shoe

Reebok Classic Leather Shoe – $29.99 – $60.00

Reebok Classic Leather Shoe

The following styles are examples of shoes that will not be considered acceptable uniform-wear:

Velcro flaps are not acceptable on the running shoes